Nikki Gonzales



Dedicated to excellence for our kids, teachers, and staff.

Why vote for Nikki Gonzales?

My top priorities when elected RRISD trustee:

Work to pave the road for all RRISD students to receive an outstanding education and continue setting

goals for achieving success.

Practice transparency and accountability to promote fiscal responsibility when appropriating the $299

million bond package.

Advocate for our children, teachers, and staff to ensure the community that no one is forgotten.

Why does Nikki want to serve her community as a trustee?

I am running for school board trustee because I believe that an excellent public education is the greatest

gift we can give our kids. Innovation and continued forward progress in public education is vital to the

foundation of our children’s future so that they can be significant contributors to our community. RRISD needs the highest possible standard of education with leaders in place that can ensure that the standard remains dedicated to excellence. I hope to be a visionary instrument that assists in developing a lasting strategic plan to enhance the best educational environment for our kids, teachers and staff.



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November 4, 2014

Early voting October 20-October 31st

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