Nikki Gonzales



photoRound Rock resident and parent Nikki Gonzales will file for a position on the Round Rock School Board this week. Gonzales, a former chief of staff at the capitol and current director of external relations for Texas State Technical College, wants to shift priorities back to the children and ensure that taxpayers have the right information to make important decisions on school funding issues.


“Too often, our school districts are so busy listening to internal voices, they forget whom they serve, the children and the parents in this community who send their children to school – and their hard-earned tax dollars – to pay for our schools,” Gonzales said. “We need the highest possible standard of education, but we need leaders who don’t just think that the solution to every problem is to throw more money at it.”


Currently, Gonzales has a daughter going into the fifth grade at Brushy Creek Elementary School, and says her highest priority is making sure she and other students have the opportunity to prepare for college or the workforce. “While Round Rock ISD is doing a good job now, the district’s incredible growth needs to be managed to make sure those opportunities continue to improve our children’s education.”


“I think it’s extremely important that the district recently passed a $229 million bond,” Gonzales said. “But it’s troubling that the district did so without a firm plan for how they want to spend that money. The students deserve better. The parents deserve better. The taxpayers deserve better. We all know there is need, but there’s also a need to plan, not just give blank checks to the administration.


“We need to use that money wisely in the coming years and I want to be a part of that process,” Gonzales added. “When the district comes back to the community in the future and asks for more money, I want the voters to be able to say honestly that they trust the district to do the right thing. Right now, there’s skepticism, and it’s understandable.”


“We need a board that asks the tough questions, demands the tough answers and leads, not just rubber-stamps decisions that have already been made,” Gonzales said. “That’s what I plan to do on the Round Rock School Board, because the decisions we make now will directly impact the quality of education our children will be getting five, ten or fifteen years from now.”


Gonzales received her degree in Criminal Justice from Southwest Texas State, before working at the Texas Capitol for over a decade. She plays a vital role in her community as a Victim’s Assistant Volunteer for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. Her and her family are active members of St. Williams Catholic Church in Round Rock.  Currently, she has works at Texas State Technical College as the Director of Operations for External Relations.